The Australian Horse Racing History

The Australian Horse Racing History

The Australian racing history dates as far back as the 1800s. Going back further though, the first horses in Australia arrived aboard the ship Lady Penrhyn on January 26, 1788. This date is not just important in the horse racing history of the country but it has national significance as well. This is considered to be the founding date of Australia.

The Beginning of Horse Racing

Australian have always loved good wagers so no wonder Thoroughbred racing became very significant in the country and has become the third largest spectator sport in the country. The leading two of which are still the Rugby League and the Australian Rules Football.

In 1805, the first auction of horse bloodstock took place. Five years after, in October 1810, the first official race took place at Hyde Park in Sydney. At that time, the thoroughbred population was just about 1100 in the entire country. Most of these horses have been imported from South Africa and India by traders and colonizers alike.

Australian Horse Races

By 1814, Tasmania, an island belonging to Australia began its own races. 20 years after, in 1836, racing was started in Western Australia. This was followed by the first official races held in Victoria on March 1838. In 1842, the Australian Jockey Club (AJC) was founded and in 1843, Queensland and South Australia near Adelaide held their first races. By 1883, there were almost 200 country clubs belonging to the Australian Jockey Club, following their rules and racing under their shadows.

It is not surprising that in just over a hundred years, thoroughbred breeding and horse racing was firmly established in the country. Millions of Aussie’s fell in love with horse racing from the beginning and the love had been passed on from generation to generation.

Today, there are many thoroughbreds in the country imported from all over the world. The Australians did not just settle with the ones from India and South Africa, rather they explored and experimented with the breeds in order to bring out the most powerful mares made known all over the globe for horseraces.

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